Celebrities That Are Just As Beautiful Without Makeup


Celebrities are going all-natural on social media in public more than ever before. With no makeup Mondays and a newfound no f*cks attitude in Hollywood, women are getting glammed up when they want to, and going natural when they don’t. Here are the celebrities who can rock the no-makeup look.

Lorde. Lorde frequently opts for the natural look in her Instagram pictures. With her vampy pale skin and flawless complexion, she doesn’t need an ounce of makeup. Keep those beaming selfies coming, girl!

Zendaya. From makeup free airport photos to bare faced selfies, Zendaya’s beauty has no limits. Proving her beauty isn’t just on the outside, the actress has posted a makeup-free selfie in response to an Internet troll who slammed a YouTuber for her makeup-free photo.

Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez just might have made a deal with the devil, because she simply does not age. J-lo is known for posting the occasional no-makeup selfie onto her social media pages. If you didn’t think it was possible for her to look any younger, look at her in those photos and prepare to be amazed.

Gwen Stefani. Gwen Stefani is another one of those weird Hollywood non-agers. Falling in love with country crooner Blake Shelton is certainly agreeing with her. Recently, she posted a bedtime selfie post makeup removal and it’s safe to say, her smooth skin was GLOWING.

Demi Lovato. Demi Lovato often posts her makeup-free selfies during her workout sessions while promoting her healthier lifestyle. Her freckles are so cute, she should go sans foundation on the regular.

Gina Rodriguez. Gina Rodriguez isn’t really one to wear an excessive amount of makeup in the first place, but her no-makeup shots are still jaw-dropping. She is the definition of a natural beauty, and her complexion is enviable.

Cara Delevingne. Actress/model Cara Delevingne rocks the makeup-free look on the regular. With killer eyebrows that draw attention to her mesmerizing blue eyes, who needs mascara? Her natural looks are still just as magazine worthy!

Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift has mentioned long ago that due to her light complexion and blonde eyelashes, she needs a teeny bit of makeup to make her features pop. However, a makeup-less Photoshoot and some unplanned paparazzi pictures prove her theory wrong. Her natural look is beautiful.

Megan Fox. Megan Fox is so beautiful that even when she’s not wearing makeup, it looks like she might be. Her natural lip shade looks like your favorite lipstick – and her brows look perfectly filled in – in her makeup-free Instagram selfie.

Lady Gaga. Even though Lady Gaga is known for being over the top, sometimes even she likes to tone things down and go natural. The “Joanne” singer has been known to go makeup free in the occasional social media selfie, and every time she looks radiant.

Kylie Jenner. Kylie Jenner is another surprisingly freckled celebrity. Underneath all that contour is a perfectly freckled nose and smooth skin. You don’t need all that makeup, girl. She should tone it down more often, as the natural look definitely agrees with her.

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